Norcross Discovery Garden Park

I jumped (literally) at the opportunity to do a soil test in bed #23 as soon as Deb fired the starting gun at our beautiful new Norcross Discovery Garden Park. The idea, hardly original, really sprang from a perfect dirt storm of sorts. My mom and step father, master gardeners both who live and dig […]

In Cindy and Ed’s garden, peppers dance with begonias, herbs mingle with black-eyed Susans, and cherry tomatoes greet you at the side door. That’s right, edibles have invaded the Flynn’s flower garden. If you look around your yard, you might be surprised at how many places you can tuck a veggie or two. Once you […]

Today I got some great ideas from my creative neighbors who have introduced hens into their backyard garden, including an artsy eclectic gypsy wagon coop! Let’s see how the first few weeks of Kim and Tom’s urban adventure has gone. “We made a lot of progress on our Coop and attached Chicken Run – to the […]

Why should you grow your own vegetables and fruit? For starters, you’ll save money on your grocery bills. Of course, you’ll also know exactly what your eating — and if you are like my neighbors, Dana and Lynn, you’ll have fun gardening together. Summer in Dana and Lynn’s garden is a season of abundance and […]

I LOVE the idea of having chickens! And a groovy little hen house near the garden. My neighbors, Kim and Tim Doherty, have recently started a little backyard flock, and they are building a gypsy wagon coop. If this keeps up, we may have a Norcross Coop Tour next year! For now, let’s follow along […]

The Discovery Garden Park will soon be proud stewards of a Little Free Library built by one industrious Girl Scout working toward earning her Gold Award. Do you know about the Little Free Library? It’s all about the books…and in our case, seeds. “Take a book, return a book”—that’s the Little Free Library motto. The […]

It may look brown today but, the grounds of the Norcross Welcome Center and Museum are undergoing a green transformation – construction of the Discovery Garden Park is underway! The new Garden Park will bring lots of fun green opportunities for you to explore and connect with nature and discover the value of plants, freshly grown […]

Nestled in the backyard foliage of a historical Norcross home, lies a charming garden shed made from vintage windows and old barn-wood. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without the spectacular mounds of hydrangeas beside it. Tell me you wouldn’t love to teleport it directly to your backyard. Here’s the inside scoop from the […]

On May 22, beneath a sizzling summer sun, 175 friends and neighbors meandered down Skin Alley for an evening of eating, drinking, and great music at our first annual Garden to Table BBQ. Delicious side dishes and desserts were prepared by local home-cooks, and even the 150 centerpieces were created from locally sourced flowers. The main attraction, of course, […]

Don’t miss this family friendly free presentation! RSVP to save your seat today! Whether you have a green thumb, are a budding gardener, or an aspiring naturalist, you and your family will enjoy this free program on the life of monarch butterflies. Saturday, May 21 at 10am in the Norcross Cultural Arts & Community Center, […]