Why should you grow your own vegetables and fruit? For starters, you’ll save money on your grocery bills. Of course, you’ll also know exactly what your eating — and if you are like my neighbors, Dana and Lynn, you’ll have fun gardening together.

Summer in Dana and Lynn’s garden is a season of abundance and a feast for the senses. The garden boasts colorful vegetables – zucchini, several varieties of peppers, beans and tomatoes; cucumbers, cantaloupe, silver queen corn, and okra.

A big ant Dana built from repurposed car lights stands watch over the herb garden full of dill, parsley, basil, lettuce, lavender and cilantro. Cheery sunflowers are butterfly magnets and double as a birdfeeders in the fall.

Today’s abundant harvest of squash, beans, peppers, okra and tomatoes will be shared with family and friends. Over the past 7 years, Dana and Lynn have transformed their backyard in historic downtown Norcross into an edible wonderland, to their neighbors delight!

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