The Norcross Public Arts Commission (NPAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council on promoting, furthering and increasing support for the city's artistic and cultural assets, and integrating public art and culture into community life.  
Norcross is the fortunate home of a growing array of creative experiences, diverse cultures, and artistic issues. NPAC supports this thriving creative community with a focus on partnerships, exceptional events and programs that engage individuals, schools, businesses and neighborhoods in the arts.

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Artist: Peter Ferrari

“Verb”: In the spring of 2016, Toyota Southeast was searching for a filming location to create an online promotional piece for its new hybrid Prius. The idea was to film a mural being painted on an urban building by a hip, young artist who drives a red Prius. After a search by Toyota, the back of the Masonic Lodge on Skin Alley was identified as the perfect spot. Peter Ferrari, a renowned mural artist in the Atlanta area was then commissioned to create a mural that was abstract and exuded motion. He created “Verb” with yellows, blues and greens to play as the contrasting back drop for the sporty little red car.

Reimagine Sculptures

Artist: Richard Sells

“ReImagine: Sculptures that Redefine Recycling” are the sculptures whose theme melds art with recycling and environmental awareness. The pieces celebrate creative recycling. The ingenious creations were exhibited throughout several City green spaces in the downtown area for a 2-year period – they were also entered a public contest where visitors voted for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place exhibit winners. At the end of the exhibit, the City purchased four of these sculptures. “Predator”, “Avatar” and “Mantis”, all by artist Richard Sells, are now on permanent display on Lawrenceville St. between City Hall and The Cotton Gin. Debbie Rhodes created “George”, which resides on Park Drive by the railroad tracks. ReImagine was supported by Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity ReStore and ArtWorks!

Frogs In Thrasher Park

Artist: Beau Smith

Gifted to the City of Norcross from proceeds from Norcross Art Fest, “Bench Frog” and “Painter Frog” have delighted citizens and visitors to Thrasher Park for the last ten years. Arguably the most photographed pieces in Norcross, these friendly frogs were created from copper by artist Beau Smith. His frogs, which are perfect indoors or out, have a beautiful patina which becomes enriched as they weather. They are very friendly creatures, many of them sipping wine, strumming on banjos, or playing the fiddle. His frogs happily reside amongst the flora at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens and in public spaces in Savannah and Charleston.

Tumblefield Mural

Lauren Pallotta and Jon Graham

Since 2015, the Norcross Public Arts Commission (NPAC) had visions of turning Skin Alley into the “ArtWay”, a cultural gathering space that would allow all citizens of Norcross to come together to celebrate our diverse communities through the arts. The bland, yellow cinder block building at 20 Skin Alley was chosen as the first piece to begin the transformation. After research and public input, the playful mural “Tumblefield” was created in November 2016 by artists Lauren Pallotta and Jon Graham, with the support of Keif Schleiffer as the consultant. The name represents a place of play.