Nestled in the backyard foliage of a historical Norcross home, lies a charming garden shed made from vintage windows and old barn-wood. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without the spectacular mounds of hydrangeas beside it. Tell me you wouldn’t love to teleport it directly to your backyard.

Here’s the inside scoop from the former owners, Pat and Beverly Eidt.

“When we decided to build a shed, we wanted it to have an old, “vintage” look. We were lucky enough to find the barn wood locally. Mr. Harry Nesbitt lived two doors down from us and the original barn that was built on his property was still there. Pat approached Mr. Nesbitt with an offer to buy some of the barn wood that was on the ground, no longer a part of the barn. Mr. Nesbitt replied, “you can have it for free if you haul it away!” So that was the beginning of the shed.

We shopped for vintage Windows and found them at Lakewood Flea Market. We did buy new tin for the roof. Over the years we collected a few pieces of “shabby” furniture that found a new home in the shed.

Our Grand Children, Mary Grace and Davis Manton, spent many hours playing in the shed with their neighborhood friends, Addy Duke, Hannah Buck, Callie Smith, Ella and Hayden Matthews, and Cole and Hunter Bryant. Mary Grace even had a “sleepover” birthday party in the shed one October!

Yes, we called it a garden shed, but for the most part gardening never took place there. Aside from children playing there, whenever we had outdoor parties the shed became the perfect place from which to serve food and beverages.”

A big thanks to new owners, Terrie and Dan Watch for letting us tromp through your yard to take these photos.

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