On May 22, beneath a sizzling summer sun, 175 friends and neighbors meandered down Skin Alley for an evening of eating, drinking, and great music at our first annual Garden to Table BBQ. Delicious side dishes and desserts were prepared by local home-cooks, and even the 150 centerpieces were created from locally sourced flowers. The main attraction, of course, were the 14-local BBQ competitors serving up with some of the best BBQ we’ve ever tasted! As crowds sipped their drinks and swayed along to the music of The Burning Sensations, more than $3,400 was raised for the Discovery Garden Park.

Highlight: 175 friends gathered on the Skin Alley at the longest table Norcross has ever seen.

Overheard (a lot): “This is Awesome!”

It took a great Team: 33 volunteers; 14 BBQ competitors; 10 company sponsors; 34 8-foot long tables; 184 chairs; 150 center pieces; etc.,


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