When attending concerts in the park, please be aware that there are two types of bins: one is GREEN and the other is GRAY. The green bin is for recyclables and the gray is for waste. Please ensure that only recyclables go into the green bins. This includes plastics, paper and metals. Glass and pizza boxes are not recyclable and need to go in the

waste bins.

Residential homeowners can bring recyclable items such as plastic bags to Publix, fluorescent light bulbs to Home Depot, and batteries, ink cartridges, computers and printers to Best Buy (Best Buy charges to recycle electronics). Also, Live Thrive Atlanta accepts paint and household chemicals (www.livethrive.org). Locations for many hard-to-recycle items can be found at www.earth911.com.

For items that are accepted with curbside recycling, citizens can refer to the city website under public works department/ sanitation: www.norcrossga. net/DocumentCenter/View/992.

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